Saturday, October 23, 2010

Growth is inevitable.....

There is a cry you get to hear all the time. “I want to grow.....” amazing may it sound, abysmal it may look but the fact is that growth is happening, happening all the time even right now when you reading this. Before we could come near to growth, another closely related term is perception. Just an example, there is a friend of mine. Let’s call him A, A told me that 10 years ago his friend B had asked him to start joint venture for retail products. A could have managed to start off with B, which was not an issue for him. But he did not, now B is very well established, doing really good in life, A claims now, that if I would have joined the venture then I would have been in a better place than I am today. Fair enough, not a problem. Let’s consider the same situation in a different angel. If B would not have done good and could not, so called “Progress in life” than this same A would have been telling me, that it was my good luck or brains or whatever that I did not join him, otherwise I would have lost the money in the venture.

A great man had said “Beauty is in the eyes in the beholder” another great saying is “You shall only see, what you want to” irrespective of what the fact is. This is how perception is, you see what you want to. Getting back to growth, I am sure you can understand by now that growth is a perception. The way you want to see it and what you term as growth is upto you. Canonized we stand for our life, for the good, for battles won, for achievements we receive. Deplore we stand for our mistakes, our shortcomings. Blame it on the errata of God for anything that we think is not growth.

Stages if could say, existence, grow, is growing, grownups. Growth is happening, happening now.....when we breath, with each breath we are growing closure to death. If material world is the growth, the day we are not making money, it is the growth towards the debt. If you say, you not doing a single thing even for an hour, I would like to recall that is the growth inside your body of reducing energy. You cannot return to the time spent. You cannot stop your growth. What is there is the way you want to grow. Don’t go by what people say, it is their job to do that. If you do a felony or a logjam of prosperity, people would talk about you. When acoustical you become to the resounds by the people. Growth would be you and what you believe growth is.

Heresy it is to grow for the betterment for a whole. Growth is happening, is going to happen and cannot be stopped to happen; the deal is how you look at it. When it is inevitable, why not to grow as you want to, rather than hearing as you should be, striving as they believe, you should be, giving up yourself for what they think, you should be. If you have to grow, grow with respect, with grace or with money. But trust me there is nobody who can stop your growth. Nobody asks for doing sins, they do ask for forgiveness. Nobody asks for death, they do ask for life. Nobody asks for pain, they do ask for relief. Nobody asks to be poor, they do ask for wealth. Once you are sure what growth is? and you know what you want from life? as rightly stated in “the alchemist” “When a person desires something from the bottom of his heart, the whole world conspires to make it happen” be sure of what you want, cause it is going to happen.

When nemesis is on its way, there would be seconds before, the whole life you lived would be flashed. Make it worth watching.

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  1. i appreciate your writing has become mature and very thoughtful,goodluck for the future .kkudos keep it up .