Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am trying to live again.

Simple incidents leads to amazing insights, only if you are searching for enlightenment. We try and try to have insights whereas the obstinate is insights have to happen, you just cannot buy it, learn it or diddle it, it has to happen and when it happens you feel the enormous solitude and willingness to accept it, to heavy to digest, let this is all flow through you.

The vex caused by the demons in our head, is kind of a parasite it would only be alive till the time you let it cling on to yourself, without you it does not have a life, so why we give the food for the vex to live and take over our sanity of the mind, the probable reason being we don’t know what are we doing, I would put in simpler words, it has a limit, it like you creating windstorm also controlling the power of the windstorm and we do it all by ourselves unknown of the fact at times that we are actually doing it. What do we do, relax it is yet to take control over you, there is always time to set things straight and the time is right now, here and someway it has to start.

The vex thoughts have a timeless existence if we become the part of the thought itself, detach yourself from the thought, it is insane, difficult, unmanageable, cause we think that we cannot stay without it, the direct contrast is that it cannot live without you, try it stop reacting to the thoughts that let you pull towards the darkness behind the bright light, stop entertaining them, try you shall succeed someday, slowly and steadily you can see yourself rising above the clouds no more a hindrance between you and the light, it will be there, thoughts the demons would surely try to attract you, until you feel the light pass thorough you, resonate your inner self, eternal peace, calmness and joy can be felt, let this feeling stick to you as never before.

Then, all that which is uncalled for will leave the body, mind and soul without the burden of grudges, revenge and retaliation, let peace overtake you, absolute solitude is what you can feel, suddenly the dark, lonely path, scary path would interchange itself with rising sun, natural beauty and peace of mind. Loosen yourself, the life is short live it like no tomorrow forget your grudges like they were not meant to be.

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