Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Every heart has a pain only the way of expression is different some hide it in eyes while some hide in their Smile.......

I tried really tried to be an altruist, I succeeded too, but heart made me go wrong and nobody needs to tell me that, deep down I can feel a little pain in my heart. The world would only understand if I would cry out my heart in front of them, that would make me feel better but it would let me down to see them again in the eyes(saying you could not take care of yourself). The guilt is high, the pain is sour and all I wished I could not have got it, all wrong. There is a similarity between all of us we do have a heart, but here would talk about the broken hearts and not the hurting ones, cause they have done it and left, it for the ones still with the impair able pain.
All I can say is that I can feel what is the feeling to be hurt, but you cannot cry I know that too, what do I do? You carry a smile you can see it and call it fake, you want to behave good you do and a bit of offending is hurt to you. Remembering it would have been better if you would not have listened to your heart, priceless. Now what this is the real big question I did not want to get hurt, did not seek the pain, I did seek for some love. There are zillion reasoning’s you start doing with yourselves none can give me the answer me looking for, not because it is not there because you don’t want to see it.
Nothing can bring back the time you lost to make things happen, it has fallen apart I can agree you saying it was not my mistake, it does not matter it has fallen apart, the results is what matters. First things first you have to live.(don’t be coward and run away face it that you have lost the battle) second carry a smile even if fake(people will not look down at you sympathetically making you realize your grave mistake). Third make a commitment to live your life king size(and trust yourself that you can do it.) Listen to your heart it cannot go wrong, the world may make you realize it, but trust your heart again it would help you to move ahead in life(I am not telling you to turn back to the people who have done wrong to you NO, never do that cause they might just take advantage of your innocent heart and treat you mercilessly again). Express yourself not to world but to yourself, cry not to world but in the mirror feel happy not that the world asks you to be, but because you will and you can feel it from your inner self(who is shy of his mistake and walked in the darkest cave only not to return, talk to yourself that it is ok you can come out of it).
Be honest to your heart cause your eyes are a reflection to your inner self, get to see yourself in the mirror look into the eyes and say to yourself I know what you have gone through, but trust me we can get over it, don’t seek friends, nor anybody else seek yourself cause to forgive your own self, is in your own hands and not world around, don’t seek sympathy seek for a new and better cause to make the world feel proud of you, seek happiness inside and move on only for a better living. Carry your smile we forget it as we grow older remember it, you need it as much of it now, as much as you did not, when you were just a kid.

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