Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ascetic wants

This is about I don’t want but I want it, something somewhere is just not happening boss, I want this, I can have as well but I won’t have it, silly but true and I am sure a lot of us have gone through this scramble in life which more or less is like, man I am so confused. Have ever felt the same? Go ahead it might just help you to know.

Ok now exactly where is all this leading too, austere and ascetic name it two different, but when together creates the tempestuousness, which could shiver down your soul and still come back and say I am yet to hit you. “Ignorance is bliss” I remember somebody had told me the same sentence on many a occasions but lately is only of what I could make out, either don’t ask for austere(very simple) answers or stop acting ascetic(self denial) to your own self, ok really don’t cock up, let’s put simply, life is difficult (tell me something new) how well have you tried to overcome the difficulty, there are numerous issues lying on the floor, just for someone to skip a feet and to fall on the ground, the bad news is we scatter them on the floor, the good news is it not we alone, who get hurt but the others too.

Want some simple answers to our own made up matrix, simple just be one what you want, if I want love and affection I have to give it(the question is I gave and never got it back, then move on, you have loved the wrong soul and please just to get some, don’t get into the hassle of loving somebody, it more mutual then only give and take) mistakes are inevitable, I would suggest don’t try to become god cause you are not one, don’t only expect things in return because you have given it, at times just stop expecting back, see the world turn around you, cause you feel happy when expect the least.(You mean I should stop expecting) No that is not why I am trying to say, it is like don’t set up your limits for others(it is so difficult to limit your own conscious, think about it you setting for other)so, so you only do as much as you are comfortable doing it and expect a little lesser then what you have done, things would take a shape.

What is this all about, well this is about the two hemispheres created in our heads, name for example, the mind and the brain, now this hurricane inside ourselves occurs when they generally contradict or disagree with each other, why does this happen? Cause the conscious say it mind would say something more ethical then practicality say it brain, suddenly things starts getting complicated, weird feelings starts pumping in, boom the mind is killed the brain takes over and over and over, until the mind comes to life with a bang more stronger then could have thought about, then it is a war as technology progressed the arms became more lethal, so it happens with your brain and you mind, so is the simplicity turns complexity and it all starts falling apart.

How to overcome this situation? avoiding is not something we cant look forward for cause you and I, we know we have got ahead of it, learn your lessons, forgive people for what they have done, but don’t forget them, don’t try to change others, change yourself, if you have been ditched over and over again, don’t ditch yourself, you can be alive all by yourself, cause nobody came tagged along with you came on this earth, try to understand you cannot have company when lifeless, you can stay alone no need to tag to people if you feel ditched, cause your priority is to heal your wounds and not making it complicated by landing into another ditch. Love the self first and that is what you would spread around, don’t cheat yourself and you can look deep down into your eye, I am still alive and move on. Don’t worry for others consciousness, let your own conscious come to surface first. Life would all be simple as we wanted.

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