Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lost identities; confused minds; betraying souls

We turn up to things / people when we need them; not necessarily cause we want them; or have appreciated them throughout the time span we knew about them. It is just we turned to them cause we needed it. So what people do the same! (Curst reply, defences working, will get back to this in a bit!@?!). Identity crisis a few may have confronted with it; a few thought about it; and rest; it is ubiquitously inexistent. Obfuscate with dark surroundings makes a complete one stop shop for ambiguity to reside; only to realise ambiguity is nothing more than a parasite, nevertheless giving an impression that seems like a lifeline.

Too many thoughts rattle and battle; too many options and too many things to give up; is the feeling shared at large. Let’s tackle one at a time, you would not believe it or may not agree with it but we are just too used to make it sound complex, difficult and make it out of this world kind of a thing! Starting with defensives, somehow the revolutionised human race has come to the conclusion that being defensive is the best way to save oneself. As there is a situation we know that we are stuck; we run, avoid or defend actually none work in favour to solve or resolve but evolve the issue. It surely works to shoulder the responsibility from your shoulder to someone else’s problem but nothing more than that.

My favourite line now ‘Let’s makes it simple’. Peer pressure works more than how we work! (Sadly that is how majority things work). Confused minds well ha ha ha! That we are so used to cause that is something that we don’t like and still land up doing it; the most common examples seen in our education system itself; doctors and engineers (quite a few not many I would say); not because they want to do something good to the society or innovate new things in technology, but cause that is the fad; obviously short lived creating confusion on the existence and lack of desire to perform.

I know some someone struggling actor for past few years; sadly nothing coming to that persons luck! The whole problem is not that they cannot accept the defeat but ego leaving behind a lot of things without a second thought saying that I would be ‘so n so’ and that has not worked out. The idea is to become an actor and not show people what you are, rising ambiguity and objectivity has changed. Surely destination has reached ad infinitum and the road is logjam.

Finally taking all the shortcuts and winding roads; the return to self is a series of paroxysm if not one. You finally turn to yourself for some piece of advice and then the soul betrays because all this time when you were not listening there were shots of drinks served as advice that were thrown out! Never to return, abysmal to its existence. Well this all is getting too heavy the gist is, when caught in a situation relax and think clearly, hasty solutions leads to more hastily eagerly waiting problems. Closed minds would also not allow you to filter great solutions. Be the change and point of solution, and not a source of ambiguity as B8 wherein the scope of differentiation is lost due to a simple confusion of reading as B or as 8.

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